extraordinary travel adventures
from north to south



Remote Experiences Taschen

Our second book Remote Experiences is a collection of 12 unusual trips of a lifetime to some of the world’s most uncharted territories. It is a record of my travels along the world’s longitude from the Antarctic to the Arctic. It is testament to the beauty of the natural world, and the staggering range of landscapes, seascapes and horizons that lie in the spaces in between. Ventures to paradise-like, off-the-radar forgotten kingdoms with ancient Buddhist outposts in the foothills of the Himalayas, tracing the footsteps of pilgrims and sheep herders in Italy. From the plains of Botswana to the outer realms of Antarctica aboard a megayacht icebreaker. All places are cut off from the rest of the world by geography, ideology, or sheer weirdness. In our digital, overly consumptive age people want a true sense of place, that might be rugged or refined, rural or regal – just as long it’s real and genuine. Those overseen orsometimes forgotten spaces « where time stands still » encourage us to disconnect so we can reconnect again with ourselves, our loved ones and the world around us.


Introductory essays written by Pico Iyer, Sophy Roberts &  Stanley Stewart.
Words by Debbie Pappyn.
Photography by David De Vleeschauwer.
Published by Taschen Verlag, Cologne.
Horseback riding in Patagonia, ArgentinaHorseback riding in Patagonia, ArgentinaFollowing in the footsteps of sheepherders in Abruzzo, ItalyPapua New Guinea
Aboard the strongest nuclear-powered icebreaker to the Geographical North PoleAboard the strongest nuclear-powered icebreaker to the Geographical North Pole