Reve Au Sahara, M'Hamid MoroccoReve Au Sahara, M'Hamid Morocco What better to escape the winter, the cold humidity and a hectic life than venturing into the deep Sahara of Morocco? Spend some unforgettable evenings with the Touareg nomads, also known as “les hommes bleus” and be surrounding by nothing else than the endless dunes of this grand desert.  Read more »

Volcanoes National Park Rwanda, Mountain GorillaVolcanoes National Park Rwanda, Mountain GorillaFor extreme close encounters with impressive silverback gorillas, you have to travel to the magnificent Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. Sissies better stay home, because gorillas now and then like close. Very close. Sometimes you can almost feel their breath when they are standing right in front of you, looking inquisitively into your face. Read more »

Pack your bags (not more than 20 kg please and no Manolo or Gucci needed anyway), hop on a plane for half a day and embark on a trip of a lifetime. Final destination is Botswana where the mighty lions roar louder, the safari camps are more comfy and the views are more va va voom. If you need a helping hand to select one or two camps out of the numerous luxury options, then follow our advice and be a happy camper. Read more »

KenyaKenyaKenyaKenyaThe time is now to discover Kenya. The parks and the beaches are more empty, the rates are lower and the animals are still in millions and millions there. Kenya is by far the safari expert in Africa. This expertise is reflected in how people run the lodges and hotels and how friendly and welcoming the Kenians are. Despite the political issues, new lodges are still popping up around the country. Read more »