What does it mean to be a traveller full of wonder?


1.Go deep.
Stay longer and stay put in one place allows you to engage more thoughtfully with the place you’re visiting which is as good for that place as it is for you.

2.Open your mind.
The joy of travel lies in trying new things and experiencing different perspectives. Reserve judgement and let your curiosity take over.

3.Go with the flow.
The best travel experiences are serendipitous. Take a chance and let things happen (even when they’re not part of the plan).

4.Seek the extraordinary.
Covet the authentic and unrefined along with the exclusive and luxurious, for both can be magical. But never, ever settle for mainstream.

5.Make human connections.
Charge your curiosity with the accidental conversations and unexpected friendships that you make along the way. All it takes is ‘hello’.

6.Be consciously curious.
Tourism can transform communities and environments for better or worse. Remember that travel is a privilege: do less, and do it better.

7.The real voyage starts at the wrong turn.
The best travel experiences are serendipitous. Take a chance and let things happen (even when they’re not part of the plan).

8.It has always been about the journey.
The journey can be every bit as inspiring as the destination.

9.Close your eyes. Hear, feel, smell.

10. Travel less but better.
We know travel is a powerful force for change, both for better and worse. We want to inspire travelers to do less, but better. We endeavor to guide you away from damaging mass tourism towards a more independent and thoughtful approach to travel, where positive effects are shared more fairly and negative impact is minimized.

11.Reserve judgement.
Let your curiosity take over and pack away all your preconceptions.

12.Always take the window seat.
Learn to look. There’s so much to see. Even if it’s the hundredth time you’ve made that flight you might glimpse something new on the descent or simply indulge in a daydream with the sunlight on your eyelids. It’s a cliche that travel is a state of mind but let’s just say that it’s hard to see the world from the middle seat of the plane.

13.Get lost.
And find yourself.

14. Go wild.
Even if you are a real urbanite. The wild is wonderful.

15. Ditch that bucket list.

16. Make your own story.
Too many people are too concerned with recreating shots that others have taken. They are riding somebody else journey instead of making their own.

17.  Find your bliss.

18. Don’t trust guide books.
They’re always out of date.

19. Act local.

20. Get real.
Don’t go to museums of tired cliches or dates folk festivals rather experience the real colours of the world.

21. Take terroir serious. 

22. Be surprised.
Stand in awe & be full of wander.

23. Go beyond existing benchmarks of luxury.
Forget stars and thread counts, labels and fame, seek the extraordinary – whether that be local, authentic and unrefined, or exclusive, artisanal and luxurious. Our only rule? Never, ever settle for the mundane.

24. Take the scenic route.
Take the long way round. There’s much to commend the long way and what it lacks in efficiency it makes up for in serendipity and charm. Enjoy the journey.

25. Wake up before sunrise.
Watching the sun rise over a strange and beautiful landscape fills one with wonder.

26. Walk, don’t ride.
If you sweat for something, it often feels more valuable.

27. Drift. 
Allow yourself to wander aimlessly. Lack judgment. Postpone criticism.

28. Send a postcard.
A physical message is not only a pleasure to receive, it’s also great fun to rediscover years down the line. It marks a moment in time better than a message filed away on a phone that you’ll no longer own in a few months.

29. Learn the local language.
A few words in a native tongue shows willingness and tenacity. It’s even more impressive if you keep it up and get good.

30. Go off radar.
Leave your phone off and dive in. Recharge yourself, instead of your phone.

26. Never dress like a tourist.
Dress with care. We celebrate brands that are made to last.

27. Leave space in your luggage.
Go ahead buy that souvenir and collect things on your travels and delight in what you own, put the new bits next to the old and start a collection if it brings you joy.

28. Don’t trust listicals, it’s click bait.

29. Indulge your curiosity.

30. Try different food.

31. Get out.
Go beyond your comfort zone, you might be surprised.

32. Save miles, they will get you further.

33. Visit foreign supermarkets.
Explore local markets. See food as a cultural connector.

35. Be gentle to the environment.
You’re not the only one visiting.

35. Ever slept under a starry sky?
Forget about five stars. Think about a million stars.

36. Go slow.
Don’t try to do all at once, have a reason for a second visit.

37. Go early.

38. Home.
Coming home might be the most beautiful part of your travels.