David De Vleeschauwer is a Belgian photographer with a career spanning two decades. He splits his time between the world’s most remote places and a farm on the Belgium-France border. De Vleeschauwer’s focus is on the unexpected, celebrating the diverse beauty of the world. He rarely treads in another’s footsteps, choosing instead to travel to uncharted territories relatively untouched by modern tourism. Snorkelling with killer whales, travelling to the geographical poles or in the hostile reaches of North Korea, there is no environment too extreme for De Vleeschauwer’s pursuit of the remote. He has travelled to more than 120 countries, working in temperatures ranging from -50°C to +50°C. His work has been featured in leading publications including Monocle, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and National Geographic. He shoots with Nikon digital and with analogue 1850s collodion wet plates.

David De Vleeschauwer arranges one-off group trips each year to wherever his pioneering spirit is most drawn, following his natural instincts to stay ahead of the tourist curve. He is also available to organise and lead private trips anywhere in the world, from Antarctica with a superyacht to helicopter safaris in Botswana.

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